Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dorie Makes Us Successful

Posted by - Chaya                                                                                                      
 Find recipe here.

Yep, I used Dorie's recipe from her book, "Baking from My Home to Yours."  The more, I bake from her book, the more, I love it.  I think that everyone should have a copy in her home.

I did pretty well with this until the end, when I was going to add the whipped cream and strawberries. The craggy tops cracked and basically fell apart. I managed to save one for the picture. The bottoms stood up admirably. I am not smart enough to figure this one out. I did think, I might have handled the dough too much but I was really careful about that.

Dorie has a chocolate version and I am game to take the challenge and make that one and see the results. In the meanwhile, I will show you my partially craggy shortcake with delicious whipped cream and fresh strawberries. So good.

Below are the tops that look fine. I think they are supposed to have cracks. Dorie has a good description in her book and she uses words like cracked, cratery and raggedy. This fits the bill except that they fell apart.
See those crumbs.


Joanne said...

Mmm they look like they taste delicious even if they are seriously crumbly!

Anonymous said...

They look yummy Chaya!