Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Challenge: Soft Pretzels

Posted by - Rena

Soft pretzels

I'm so glad I got a chance to pop in for the challenge this month. I really wanted to post last month for Have the Cake's anniversary but I stayed with the schedule. This month we had a no-show for the challenge pick so I'm stepping in last minute.

Have the Cake started as a little idea to get me and my friends baking more often. I consider you all friends now and I hope you are enjoying the experience. I'm loving every minute!

Our challenge this month is to make soft pretzels! I have always wanted to make these. Growing up in New York City, soft pretzel carts are on every street corner. When I was younger, I would eat them all the time. Once you start to really understand what food sitting out on a New York City street corner means, they become a little less appealing. Thankfully, there is Auntie Anne's Pretzels. The first time I ate one of their pretzels, I almost fainted. The butter! Boy, they are tasty.

It might be dangerous to learn how to make these because if they are easy, I'm going to make them all the time. I like that there are a lot of possibilities. Searching through recipes I've seen a many interesting variations including:
Cinnamon & Sugar

I've attached a recipe with pictures. There is a lot of good information on the page so be sure to scroll down. There is rising time necessary for these so make sure you schedule that into your prep time.

There are lots of recipes online so you can hunt around if you like.
Good luck!


Colleen said...

Soft pretzels are my all-time favorite thing. Do you remember that little store at Purchase that was open only at night in the dining hall? I lived to go there and buy soft pretzels. This challenge is dangerous for me.

Rena said...

I used to buy the ham & cheese sandwiches there. That was my entire diet freshman year. Gross.

Glad you like the challenge!

Dorrie said...

I love the challenge too Rena! It's a nice break from all the sweet desserts. Granted, it's not like I've been making a whole bunch of them. Oh, and Happy Anniversary HTC!

ellebee said...

I wondered what you'd pick! Good choice, especially with football season coming up. These will make a nice, salty treat to go with the homebrew... :)

Veronica said...

I've made soft pretzels once before -- I'll warn you all, they don't store well in tupperware! They were so good the night I made them, then I brought them to the faire that weekend, and they were all...damp. And stale. So, if I have time (and I may not this crazy month!) I like the idea of making pretzels that DON'T all get thrown in the trash!

Vivian - Let's Try These... said...

Yummers! I love making pretzels and will look to try some other flavors. Great challenge... and thanks for stepping in last minute.

Tina said...

Good challenge, Rena. :) I promise to try harder in September than I have the past few months. And I LOVE a good pretzel! YUM.

Aparna S Mallya said...

Lovely soft pretzels!

Victoria said...

I've never cooked the soft pretzels by myself but, having already eaten, I know it's REALLY delicious ...I'll keep your recipe! It remains for me to have the courage to try to cook them :) Thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

oooh, this sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

I just printed out 3 soft pretzel recipes on Tuesday because I have been craving them. Darn pregnancy cravings! But it's cool my cravings line up with your choice.

Fimère said...

ils sont magnifiques et très réussis
en plus très délicieux
bonne soirée

Well Dressed Cupcakes said...

can hardly wait to try this! my family will love them.