Friday, July 1, 2011

July Challenge: Cheese Crackers

Cheese crackers are my weakness. I can sit and eat an entire box of cheez-its or better cheddars without an ounce of guilt. Ok, that part about the guilt is not true. As we all know, a box of crackers from the supermarket can't be all that healthy. I searched around and found a great post on The Kitchn with an easy recipe. If you can't have cheese or don't like cheese, feel free to make another kind of cracker.

Now get crackerin'!
Oh god, that was so cheesy. :)


Colleen said...

Crackers! What a cool challenge!!!

Dorrie said...

Oh how cool! Love the new format and I love this month's challenge. Thanks Rena!

Anonymous said...

Yea! I have actually made cheese crackers before and while they were good, they needed work. This will be a good excuse to perfect them!

And I love the format. I have a few suggestions. I will email you.