Friday, September 10, 2010

Soft Pretzels

This one kind of looks like a cinnamony lump, but it was good!

Posted by - Michele

This month's Have the Cake challenge was chosen by Rena. She picked soft pretzels! Thank you Rena for such a cool idea. I have never made soft pretzels before but I was up for the challenge.

After searching the internet, I decided to use a recipe I found here on All Recipes. I mixed up the dough and waited about an hour and a half until it was nicely risen. Then I started to attempt to make pretzels. I thought they were coming out fine until my 14-year-old son came into the kitchen. "Ummmm, mom. Those don't look like pretzels. Let me try." To my amazement, he made pretzels better than me. His are the one's all the way up at the top that actually look like pretzels.

Anyway, we had lots of fun making the pretzels. And even thought mine didn't look beautiful, they were delicious. I dipped some in cinnamon sugar and I salted some. Both were awesome!


Colleen said...

Those look great! I loved this challenge.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for joining my blog. I hope you enjoy it. We LOVE Bretzel, especially German style ones with lots of salt. Cinnamon ones are great, too, especially fresh out of the oven.
Let's visit soon.

Anonymous said...

They looks delicous!!! Especially the cinnamon sugar one. YUM!

Michelle said...

Looks great! I can't wait to make mine! Go Jake!

Tina said...

Any lump covered in cinnamon looks good to me! :)

Vivian - Let's Try These... said...

Don't you love it when your own children show you up??? Glad you had fun with the challenge.