Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Bagels

Posted by - Nancy


Maybe I am crazy, but I really wanted to make this months challenge. I have never made bagels before and I was intrigued. Of course with a newborn I figured I wouldn't have the chance to. Until yesterday, when my hubby took the toddler to his gym class leaving me with the easy one. Plus, I have my new carrier and I figured what better way to break it in than kneading some dough? So after we nursed and I strapped on the little miss, I set out to bake some bagels. I followed the recipe Vivian posted since I had limited time to look for one and it looked delicious.

I was glad I used it because it produced some yummy, crunchy yet chewy bagels.


Of course I added some flavor to mine because I love variety. In my pantry I was able to find: sesame seeds, salt, garlic, cinnamon sugar and I left a few plain. So far the cinnamon sugar is my favorite!


? said...

Nancy! Loved the last snapshot!
Am looking forward to baking thme this week!

Dorrie said...

You are crazy baking with a newborn! You know you're supposed to be sleeping every chance you get! But I love that you made the bagels - and they look great. Congratulations on Sara!

pfeffernc said...

Thanks! The girly sleeps pretty well though, so I was glad to have the opportunity to make the bagels.

Rena said...

Nancy, you are so funny. You didn't think you'd have time to post a challenge and here you are making bagels with a newborn baby! I love it!

pfeffernc said...

I know, but who can pass up an opportunity to make homemade bagels!