Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiramisu heaven

Posted by -Sue
Thanks to Veronica, both for her challenge and her yummy recipe.
Not only had I never made tiramisu before, I don't ever recall having eaten it either, so this was a double treat. I used Veronica's recipe since I didn't find any that looked any better. It certainly was easy to put together. My only real mistake was to not double the rum/coffee mixture - I had read the reviews on the website, and had intended to do it, and in the process of "creating" promptly forgot all about it. I will say, though, that it wasn't a big deal. The coffee flavor was subtle, but definately there. I used instant espresso, because i was too lazy to brew coffee, so that may have been part of it.
I was a little leery of dipping the lady fingers, since the ones I used seemed very soft, so I drizzled, and even without the extra syrup, it worked well.
Most of these challenges seem to contain a moment of kitchen "magic" and this was no exception. Marscapone cheese is another of those ingredients I'd never used. For some reason, maybe because of all the dessert recipes I'd seen that used it, I expected it to be sweet. Quelle surprise! I certainly never anticipated the light buttery flavor. And when I started whisking it into the egg mixture, I foresaw disaster. The mixture was lumpy and curdled looking, but with a few more whisks it turned into this beautful, thick filling, reminiscent of the filling used in cannolis. Magic!!
I made this on a Saturday afternoon and took it to my book group the next night - they being my go-to guinea pigs - and it was delicious. It may not have had the rock star quality of the coconut cake, but it was close. There were a couple of pieces left over and I ate the last one on Tuesday. Guess what? It was just as good as the first piece!
Sorry for the lack of pictures. The camera was charged and ready to go but I was so engrossed in making the tiramisu it totally slipped my mind.

been part of it.

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Tiramisu is such alovely dish sounds wonderful.

rena said...

When you are too busy enjoying the process to take pictures, you are doing it right! Glad it turned out well!