Friday, September 25, 2009

Wow with the chocolate!

Yay!! I didn't have a blizzard in my kitchen this month! :)

I used the recipe from epicurious. Jeezus! What a faff!!!!! I did everything in stages, or I wouldn't have had enough bowls in my kitchen, or room on my counters!

I think the recipes for the apricot glaze and the chocolate glaze don't exactly synch up. There wasn't nearly enough apricot, and I threw out a TON of chocolate! None of this was helped by the fact that my favorite cooking measurement conversion site was accidentally wiped from my favorites, so I used a different (random google find) one and very nearly put in about 1/3 the required butter because everything here is sold in grams so I have to figure out the conversions! eek!

I'm pretty sure I screwed up the egg bit as well. In Mokismom's post on her torte, she uses the word meringue to describe the egg mixture. Um... yeah. Mine was never even close to a meringue texture - more just very very wet sugar that spun around for ages with the assistance of my hand mixer.

Here it is being mixed into the chocolate yumminess.

I'm going to have to ask my neighbor, Arielle, how it tastes. She just had a baby and could use the sweetness - and I've just lost a bunch of weight and there's no chance I'm putting this chocolately heavenlyness in my mouth - or I'll eat the entire thing in one sitting. :)

The finished product, all shiny and pretty! Hurrah!


rena said...

Good job! It looks so shiny! You are going to taste it at least, no?

Cakelaw said...

Yum - shiny chocolate is always good.

Tina said...

I will definitely taste it - I just have to do it after I've given it to someone so I can't be tempted to just keep it in my fridge and chip away at the entire thing alone!

Sophie said...

MMMMMMMMM,...the end result looks so tasty & shiney!!

Joanne said...

That glaze looks fabulous - spot on! I used about five million bowls as well and made it in three stages. It was a whole-day endeavor but well worth it.

Katy ~ said...

The chocolate looks sensational! What a show stopper!

Sweet and Savory said...

That is so pretty. The icing is like a mirror, it shines so.