Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Late Post - Sacher Torte

Posted by - Gerri

I made the Sacher Torte on 12 October but didn't have time to post. Work has been very busy. This snowstorm is good excuse to get caught up on a few things - Have the Cake was near the top of my list. I used the recipe from epicurious.com. I had to read through it four times to really understand all the steps. In addition, Epicurious did not list the recipe for the glaze with the sacher torte. I had to go back and search for it on their website. In the end, it turned out better than expected and my Kitchen Wench (Tom) loved it.

Hunk of chocolate from Fairway.

Definitely needed a standing mixer for this cake.

In need of a trim.

Finished product all dressed in chocolate/rum glaze.


Sweet and Savory said...

This looks great. I love chocolate.

Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

OLA -this truly looks yummy-do u always use callebaut chocolate-i have the callets but would love to know from ur expierience whether callebaut or valhorna is better-if u have tried 'em both-i have read reviews of both being preferred over the other.Ofcourz its personal chocice but would love to know urs!!!

TheDiva2 said...

I have only used the callebaut and I got it from Fairway (Red Hook). I had a great consistency and tasted quite good. I'll have to try Valhorna.

Tina said...

My fave bit of this post: "my Kitchen Wench". I want a Kitchen Wench! :)