Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thumbs Up!

Okay-so I also loved this cake (but it really is bread). I decided to do a few tweaks based on other comments from the original blog. First, I eliminated the nuts. I'm not a huge fan of nuts AND I wanted to share with co-workers one of whom has an allergy. I was a little nervous that the texture would be way off but it still turned out well. Then, taking off on the already healthy version, I substituted the eggs with unsweetened chunky applesauce which helped add some texture. I then used coconut oil instead of butter and added flaked coconut for even more texture.
I had an awful time mashing the dates so they were probably a bit too chunky.I tried using my little hand held mixer but the motor could not handle the gooey-goodness! Everything else was super easy to mash-up, grate and stir together. The batter was super-thick! I baked it for about an hour. The knife never went completely clean but I think that was my fault with the applesauce. Since all of the ingredients were safe to be eaten raw, I let the bread stay a little mushy in the center. Once it sat and cooled, it was perfect(I took the dog for a long walk so it had a chance to cool)!
I love how dense this was and it definitely had a great flavor. I plan on trying it out with zucchini next but I will try it with a less banana/more shredded zucchini ratio!
Good choice Rena!

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rena said...

Wow. I'm impressed with your tweaks! Coconut sounds like a great addition. I also think it would be great with zucchini.

I found the dates easy to mush with a fork but I used fresh dates. I wasn't quite sure what dried dates were since I've never seen them.