Monday, August 31, 2009

Behind the Date-ball!

Ok, so I am a huge procrastinator, apparently. It's not something I would have said about myself. But, moving on.

I put off this recipe not because I didn't think I'd like it. I love carrot cake. It's actually one of my favorite cakes. I think I was afraid of the dates. I've never actually eaten a date and well, I was a great big chicken. But after some moral support from Rena and a date donation, I dove in.

I guess I hadn't read the recipe all the way through or I was hypnotized by facebook but I didn't realize there wasn't any sugar in this recipe until it was in the oven. And they say television will rot your brain. I used a little less butter and it was a little too melted but it worked.

I baked it in a bread pan without parchment paper since I failed to get any. It took about 45 minutes in the oven. Man, did it smell good when I opened that door. I tasted it when it was warm and it was definitely more bread-like than cakey which was okay with me. I would have liked it a little sweeter. I treated it like a bread and chose not to frost it since I hate storing a cake with frosting under tinfoil. I slathered cream cheese across a thick slice and had it with tea. It was delish. Vin, my fiancee, liked it very much.

Good choice Rena. I promise I won't put it off this month. Although with a wedding in 53 days, who knows.

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