Monday, November 23, 2009

A BEAUTIFULL COCONUT WEDDING CAKE(psst psst....its delicious too...)

Wedding cake huh?Beautifull yeah,beautifull in our hearts ,to our hearts, Yeah u read right-w/o really planning it or anything ,i actually ended up having the frosted cake ready(not all made it to the frosting table) on their wedding anniv which really had me so so so thrilled & the eager beaver in me with the joys of spring served it to all as their wedding cake & even my littlest bro who has absolutely no sweet tooth & doesnt indulge/join in,in our cookie espresso parties had a few helpings of these and before long it had all vanished.....

And snowy white coz thats exactly what this frosting is -smooth & snowy white & sets beautifully-give it an overnight to set-beautiful!!!
I have been travelling around blogosphere & a whole new world awaits,a whole new exciting world & while munching on oreos & exploring i discovered a wonderfull site with a wonderfull monthly challenge on-------have the cake,u must read all about this exciting challenge here----& the november challenge is a coconut cake.

Have the cake -i read all around and just wanted to be a part of this group so darted an email & Rena was so sweet & warm ,that got me all the more enthu to participate.And having somebody so sweet behind this event immediatly send me the positive vibes.(found out about this thanks to ---joanne-thank u Joanne)
Oh it was much fun emails flying to & fro & loved how with a quick search she came up with A GREAT LIST of substitutions for me(something i truly need) & oh got down to the joy of baking.............
Coconut cake is something i associate about Goa-for it famous coconut based delicacies galore-which i recently baked & to perfection, so with this lovely coconut cake i could actually take in the aromas while reading the recipe,was sure about this recipe though i'll have to miss the filling and thus the layered version for want of good sour cream(i make my own by adding few drops of lime or white vinegar or some yoghurt to 25% cream,&stand it for awhile,i dont know how right or wrong i am but thats the closest i get)but i dont think that'll do for this filling though i could have 'tried' with heavy cream(i still dont know where i can get that from around place),risking to lose my lovely cakkey.

Was also tempted to bake a few muffins which i did & loved 'em.
U'll love this must try recipe--------------bookmark it to make ur family high tea or weekend brunch delicious!!!!
I'm sure this'll be great with a white chocolate ganache or white choco butter cream but have stuck to the frosting here & grated white chocolate instead of coconut & a few milk chocolate callebaut arriba callets for the polka dots(ofcourse was tempted to make do with my sprinkles too which am running out of).
Other fact was that had to use my hands to whisk & whip (but rest assured my hamilton beach all metal carmine red-hopefully-might soon be on its way-i hope i have made the right choice here)but have been doing just that for the last few months and have been paddling my own canoe where whisking is concerned and am fine about it.
I was so thrilled to see 'me' virtually as in sugarplumfairy on the list of bakers-thank u rena for the invite & addition.

Coconut ,coconut & coconut galore..
oh the sweetness & soft white flesh we adore!!!!!
Curries,rices ,soups & desserts or a brew,
Oh in fantastic cakes to it shines thru!!!
Oh i so enjoyed baking this so much though its purely 'hand made-whats wrong with that or what exactly is that now u ask-well well well hand made = hand whisked the good 'ol grandma way :-))))
So while i was wisking the gorgeous butter ,then butter & sugar & then eggs ,one at a time,well well i got to see NO RESERVATIONS ,now isnt that a double treat+the batter was delicious from the word go & had fun with the fillings too...atta gurl......way to go!!!!!
I got 9 big cuppys& 2 small ones & a big little one!!!
This cake is absolutely soft & moist with a tighter crumb & am so glad i stuck to this simple easy but gorgeous recipe. The coconut flavour get even better the next day & is just right ...loved it...we all did...
1/2 cup butter, at room temperature
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1.5 cups sifted self-rising flour
1/2 cup canned unsweetened coconut milk
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1.Cream butter well till light and fluffy,add sugar and beat well (really really well)
2.Add eggs ,one at a time ,beating well between each addition.-Oh the mixture is a gorgeous moussy creamy mix by now
3.Now tip in flour & coconut milk,begining & ending with flour.
4.Add vanilla & beat just until mixed.
5.Ok now if u want a filling fill cupcake cakes 2/3rd ,nutella in one,milk chocolate callets in another or dark chocolate -pineapple would be fantastic too but i had nonE.

-as i said i hand whisked this icing& since i dont have an electic hand beater ,i replaced 1/2 cup of sugar with icing sugar as wasnt sure if my arms would take all the whisking to dissolve the sugar-it aint mentioned but for a fristing like this i guess castor or superfine sugar would be it but i didn have that either.
-I absolutely didn allow the water to touch my luminarc glass bowl but yet it got a wee bit grainy which we all ignored coz it set in really well,was delicious & complemented the coconut cake really well.also a frosting as this keeps the cake from drying out.
-I took around 14 mins,whisking with my hands that i was & switched between boiling & simmering water.
-I could have started again coz its just egg white & sugar but still i thought it would be sad to waste such beautiful snowy white frosting-a bowl full at that!!!
-U need to work a little quick with this when ur frosting the cake as it begins to set in!!!
3/4 cups sugar
1/8teaspoon cream of tartar or 1/2 tablespoon white corn syrup (I USED LIME JUICE AS A SUBSTITUTE)
1/6 cup water
1 egg white
3/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1.Place sugar,cream of tartar/lime juice,salt,water,egg whites in the top of a double boiler or glass bowl that fits on a pan of simmering water so as the water not to touch the glass bowl(we dont want grainy icing do we?)
2.Beat well with a whisk for 3-4 mins(1 min if u have hand held mixer)
3.Place pan /bowl over boiling water making sure the top poan doesnt touch the boiling water.
4.Beat constantly with a whisk(10-14 mins,aw my arms)but a electric hand beater will do it for u in 7 mins on high.
5.Finally beat in vanilla.



(was actuaaly reduced to tears with this post and the iron cuppy post-yeah have been tring to upload & post since 22nd & either blogger/flicker refuses to co-operate or m netbook does-had to spend a night w/o sleeping (though my eyelids were drooping but i had no choice and so wanted the posts up..:-((( ) BUT AFTER THE POST WAS POSTED & UP ,I WAS ALL SMILES & AM ADMITTING TO THE POINT OF SOUNDING SILLY BUT THEN ,I FALL IN LOVE ALL THE TIME & ALMOST THOUGHT OF IT AS LABOUR WITH A BUNDLE OF JOY ,BUT NO UR BUNDLE OF JOY CAN COMPARE TO NONE & THEN HOW WOULD I KNOW......


Tina said...

Gorgeous photos!

rena said...

I love the heart cake! So cute!

Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

THanx a mill Tina.U make me love the cell phone i click with though i do miss havin a digi cam at times.

I find Hearts cute too Rena!

Adrian said...

Looks elicious, i like how you described this recipe for making wedding cakes and how you detailed every step. I`m sure you are very talented

Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

Thanx Adrian-this wedding cake excited me as one coz of my parents anniv-maybe ,when i do walk to d altar someday,i'll try to bake my own-hehehehe -thanx for the wedding cake just connecting there!!

Velva said...

Cakes, muffins w/nutella. I am having avirtual sugar high and I love it! Really, both the cake and the muffins are quite beautiful.

Sweet and Savory said...

Your enthusiasm has me gasping. You have inspired me for a year of baking. Thanks.

Beautiful heart cake and everything you posted.


Joanne said...

Again I love what you did with this. I am having a hard time stopping myself from licking the screen.

Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

Thanx Velva,i'm actually missing these cuppys as write this & u have a wondefull blog i cant miss adding!!!

Chaaya,u encourage me so much!!!
A pat on the back for a muc needed boost is welcome!!!

Hey Joanne,i love what u did to ur cuppys too!!!Oh wish tis virtuality would be reality too,right!!!
ur blondies are jus what am looking for but have a long list of bakes lined up before that!!!