Monday, November 30, 2009

Finally, Coconut Cake

Posted by - Dorrie

I missed the September and October assignments for Have the Cake, including the one of my own choosing, Sacher Torte. The first few months of my pregnancy were marked by nausea and fatigue, but now I am finally feeling a bit better. So, just under the deadline, on November 29th, I finally made a coconut cake.

Even though I'm pregnant, I'm not able to consume an entire coconut cake by myself and even with my husband's help, it would be hard. So, I opted to make the gluten-free version of coconut cake from my "Gluten-free Baking Classics" book by Annalise Roberts, so I could share the cake with my sister, who has a wheat-allergy.

Having learned from my mistakes from the carrot cake I made from the same book, I knew that Ms. Roberts has recipes that don't do well at high altitude. As I reviewed the recipe, which I won't waste your time with here, I decided to reduce the moisture in the recipe to save myself from another Titanic sinking cake. I cut the 4 eggs down to 3 and reduced the 1 cup of oil to 3/4 cup oil.

The cake mixed up well, although it was oddly sticky:

Sticky cake
Sticky cake

Joyfully, the cake did not sink in the middle, but was probably the most even cake I've ever made.

While I made the frosting, which also called for too much liquid, the cutie came by to help out by going through the cabinet beneath where I was working.

My cute helper
My cute helper

After adding more powdered sugar than the recipe called for, I finally finished my coconut cake.

Finally, coconut cake!
Finally, coconut cake!

My gluten-free recipe received rave reviews from my husband, Ellebee, who came by for a play date the next day, and most importantly, my wheat-allergic sister. All's well that tastes well, I say!


Gina said...

That looks delicious, Dorrie!

Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

Ur cutie is indeed absolutely adorably so so cute!!!
ur cake looks great too Dorrie.

rena said...

Yay! Your cake looks yummy and your cutie helper is even more delicious :) It's good to have help in the kitchen!

Tori said...

Hooray! Glad to see you baking again!

Tina said...

That looks VERY yummy, Dorrie! And with help that cute, I can see how baking could be even sweeter!

Simply Life said...

oh my gosh, you have the most adorable helper!