Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At it again

Posted by - Nancy

Okay, so after my Kit Kat kinda fail I really wanted to have something good come out of this challenge. So I asked my husband what he would like and he said Snickers. Well, I knew I had seen a few recipes and quickly found this one from Instructables.

Homemade Snickers

After a quick trip to the store (okay not quick, it was our weekly shopping trip and all four of us went), I was armed with the ingredients to make Snickers.

It started out well:

Bottom layer of chocolate.

Next I added the nougat (easier to make than I thought), but I forgot to snap a photo of it.

Then came the melting:

After freezing it after every layer, I put it in the freezer over night since it was late and I was tired.

Unfortunately the next morning I set them out to thaw a bit and ended up with this:

So I plunked the whole thing back in the pan to firm up again.

I got nice bars out of it. They look pretty. And they taste good. Almost like the real thing, if you know, you love massive amounts of sugar. I have to agree with Erin on these, they are way to sweet. After one bite each, I threw them out. I was afraid if I tried to give them away in this Texas heat (112 degrees y'all) I would be handing some one a giant glob of melted goo. I think it's the nougat layer. Without whipping it like the candy makers do you just have this concentrated layer of sugar.

So, I am glad I tried them. They we definitely better than the homemade KitKats. And I am glad to know that the carmel and peanut layer is dead on for taste. Maybe I will make that and the chocolate layer only next time!


Emma said...

I love that you're making homemade chocolate bars, how cool. I have a very sweet tooth so I would probably have loved these, they look really good.

Rena said...

Wow, they look goooood.