Friday, December 24, 2010

Chistmas Eve Shortbread

Posted by - Nancy

By the time this morning rolled around I thought I had pushed my luck, and time, for baking my shortbread far enough. You see, I am now "full term", so once labor starts, there is no stopping it until the baby is here. And while I haven't had any signs of major labor yet, I have had some contractions. So, since my mom is here and my husband was home to help wrangle the toddler, I baked shortbread.


I decided to use the recipe I posted since people were getting such good results. And while I was missing some of the tools, the recipe did not disappoint. I did splurge on some good butter (European organic) and I had to make my own fine sugar (ground some in the spice grinder). Overall, I love this recipe and the texture of cookie it produced. I would love to use it again and add some embellishments to the recipe, but this batch will remain plain, especially since it is almost gone!



Rena said...

Your shortbread looks delicious!

I wish you a very speedy delivery. :) Merry Christmas!

pfeffernc said...

Thank you, it is good!