Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shortbread that is Quite Long

Posted by - Chaya

Over the past month, I made a few different shortbread recipes, all coming out nicely, at least I think they are shortbread.

 Sables - Baking with Dorie 
 Tonight, I made a batch of shortbread just for Have The Cake and here it is.

For the recipe and what this should really look like, please go here.

I decided to include this.  I have no time or confidence to make a new batch.  Perhaps, humor has found a new home, here.
I have given you the link for the first two photos.  They were good as I am sure these would be, if I knew what I did wrong.  I did cut the recipe in half and went back to check, if I had forgotten anything but no, I seem to be right on target.  I have no idea what I did and poor hubby has no cookies to eat.

The dough was in the refrigerator for hours and it handled beautifully.  I was just commenting on what a pleasure it was to use the dough, when I opened the oven door and found the above.

Now, I am off to see all of your successes.


Elena G. said...

I think it's great you posted this...what a great attitude you have! Did you eat the cookies anyway? I think I probably would have scrape those babies up and chomped away. :)

pfeffernc said...

Aw, sorry those turned out that way. It is frustrating when you can't figure out what happened! Hopefully you will get a chance in the future to try again.