Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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Im back after a very long time and sooo looking forward to catch up with Have the cake!!
Thank u Nancy ,for so fantastic a recipe!!

Since my post is very long , i will link back to my original post and put up a few pics here:-))


Buttery makes u happy...buttery makes u gay....and buttery brightens ur day!

Specially at Christmas time , buttery makes me smile.
So here we have buttery melt in ur mouth sables  ie french shortbread , many ways ,jus for u and me at Christmas time.
Do i really have ur attention now:-)
And we have the cutest little tarts in Christmas shapes , filled with caramel and chocolate and cookies galore.

Laurie chose Sables @ Baking with Dorie  ,this month , perfecto i thought, and so in time!

And then something else happenned , i checked in Have the Cake , a group i joined a bit ago , and there is shortbread happening there too , and i so wanted to catch up , and here are these buttery Sables.

Well , they add on to 2 of my baking groups , they are so good at Christmas time , with all these cookie cutters , and if that aint enough they are French and buttery.....
 And oh so soft and melty {melt in ur mouth}
They bake beautiful ,are tender and fill ur home with the frangrance of buttery goodness u will love.

They are good rite outa the oven {careful:hot}, and when cooled.

They need no frosting and stand beautifully on their own.

And there is sooo muc u can to t play around and make it ur own.
A winner every side, u will love these , i say.

This one was more like a star bar, like a layer of buttery shortbread {i know u must have noticed by now how muc i love the word buttery,and i used salted butter by the way}, a layer of caramel, and a layer of chocolate,u cant go wrong here!
Thannnk u Laurie!
Thannnk u Nancy!

And oh so good to play around, lemme begin sooonnn and show u all the fun i had....so u can have some too.....
Oh ,im excited and so hope that u are too......
I dont have step step pics to the dough coz i brought it together at night and all our energy saver lites are warm daylite , = yellow ,so no nite pics:-)
Its one of the easiest doughs , a little soft to handle , but still fast and easy.
You begin by beating butter at room temp , oh so good i tell u, i mean butter ,sugar , flour , a bakers fav ,come together to create some deliciousness galore!
How good is that!!

One thing though , though halve the recipe , i did , and realized how little it would be to bring this all together and had to bring together a second batch immdtly!

After sitting and improving in the refrigeration over night ,i get working again.

For step by steps pics on the rolling and cutting u can hop here :-)

~~~Mia's Tips Picked from Dorie n reading around~~~

* cacao nibs would be oh so perfect too.
All of them , Sable tarts filled with Choco Caramel or the cookies , were simply fantastic...Sandy , a good sandy , tender and oh so melt in ur mouth!
Jus some buttery goodness , with ur Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee , i love....
 Or with warm apple cider...fantastic....
Butter , sugar ,flour with some egg , creates delicious moments again...
Christmas tree jus for u and me .....
Coming soonnn , Christmas time and how to make ur own Christmas Cake and peels too!
If u want to make ur own holiday gifts , there's still some time {by the way , my holiday spirit which is @365, extends to feb ,till love is in the air :-)))....also *365..., hop here to make some lightly spiced vanilla sugar and Vanilla colored sugars too...


Jen said...

wow, those looks soooo good! great job!

Jay said...

great job dear..d color rocks..
Tasty appetite

pfeffernc said...

Beautiful! They look so tasty.

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

Butter does make everything good! I can see the sheer decadence in these. Delicious.

Sweet and Savory said...

You bring everything to life. Beautiful job, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they look amazing and absolutely delicious! Well done!

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Thannnk u so muc for all ur kind words , happy baking pals!!
loved baking this month and totally lookin forward to next :-)

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Thannnk u so muc for all ur kind words , happy baking pals!!
loved baking this month and totally lookin forward to next :-)